elke lucas

Elke’s pottery journey began when she married into a family of English potters making slip decorated earthenware on the North Devon coast. Elke quickly discovered that she had an affinity with clay and it was here that she served her apprenticeship in the busy creative atmosphere of a working studio pottery, acquiring the skills necessary through seven years of throwing, decorating and refining her techniques, learning along the way that there are really no short cuts to becoming an accomplished potter.

Elke has now established her own practice making wheel thrown and hand built high-fired porcelain and stoneware ceramics in her Noosa ceramics studio on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The decoration on the pots is minimal, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the landscape and the natural forms around her. This allows the elegant shapes and the quality of the porcelain body to shine through resulting in pots that have a natural sophistication and a beautiful quiet presence.

“I create pieces that people love to use everyday, lovely things that you can have out and are not afraid to use and enjoy. That’s what I’m aiming for, beautiful pots that are a delight to use.”

Elke Lucas